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TipsterPage winner of the IGB Affiliate Awards Best Newcomer 2023!

TipsterPage winner of the IGB Affiliate Awards Best Newcomer 2023!

With all the excitement in the world, a few months ago we presented our candidacy for the most prestigious awards in the online gaming sector, casinos and affiliate platforms and for Tipsters. You can see it here.

And we have won!

The first thing we want to do is to thank the awards jury because there were many very good competitors, whom we also congratulate for their trajectory and effort. The truth is that we think that, in a very short time, we have carried out the work in a constant, professional, honest manner and with special attention to our Tipsters. But you can never be sure that you are following the correct path. Thanks to IGB Affiliate Awards 2023 we know yes.

This recognition is a “premium battery” to keep moving forward and become the best race car with the best pit crew (well, we already have that). Even with a long way to go, this award encourages us to continue investing in those “crazy ideas” that we always have in mind. Oriented to provide maximum effectiveness solutions to our Tipsters and to the bookmakers that support us and without whose trust it would have been impossible to obtain this award.

The year 2023 will be a turning point for us like we have never had. We are going to continue improving our platforms, taking into account the suggestions of our clients, and start other business plans that cover all their needs.

We learn every day and try to apply what is innovative and of real added value. Our philosophy is totally focused on people who, every day, strive to be a better professional, a better company and a better partner in this sector. For this reason, and among all of us, we will ensure that, applying maximum transparency, responsible gaming and maximum compliance with current legislation, we walk the path together.

We don’t hook up anymore! But we wanted to share with you this common joy and success of our entire community.

We leave you some photos of the event.

Congratulations to all!


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